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I have known Maxime since we recruited him in 2002.

During his tenure at AXA, Maxime always proved to be a goal orientated team player and highly dedicated to the success of his missions.

Maxime is responsible, has strong work ethics, he shows integrity and trustworthiness.

He pays attention to details and is always focused on delivering the best possible result and getting the job done.

As a team member or a leader, Maxime earns my warmest recommendation.

Pierre Vaquier, former CEO AXA IM Real Assets

I have known Maxime for nearly 15 years.

He was a key member of my team at Axa, in charge of managing a large separate account, and in this capacity I was particularly impressed with his ability to handle an extremely demanding client.

He is highly committed, thorough and reliable. No matter the pressure, he is always friendly and kind and a pleasure to work with.

Maxime would definitely be an asset to any team.

Christian Delaire, Senior Advisor at Foncière-Atland, former CEO AEW Europe & Generali Real Estate

As a family office we have been particularly pleased with Bristlecone’s services.  Maxime not only gave us prudent and wise advice, but achieved outstanding results in the sale of our land in Germany. 

Besides the purely business aspect, his sensitive approach and the care he took to make sure everyone was on board at every stage ensured that the process went smoothly from inception to conclusion.  

We will surely appoint Bristlecone again as soon as the opportunity arises.

Elizabeth F, client 

We operate across all risk profiles and commercial sectors throughout Continental Europe and the UK to help institutional and other private or professional investors define and execute effective strategies for their single assets or portfolios.

Nous intervenons sur tous les profils de risque et tous les secteurs à travers l’Europe Continentale et le UK. Nous aidons nos clients privés et professionnels à définir et exécuter leurs stratégies immobilières pour leurs actifs ainsi que leurs portefeuilles.

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