Acquisitions / Investments

– Sourcing of investment opportunities 

– Analysis of the information

– Possible preparation of the Investment Memorandum for potential Investment Committee 

– Preparation of the Letter of Intent

– Return analysis and sensitivities 

– Selection and appointment of the advisors (lawyers, notaries, valuers, technical advisors, environmental advisors, etc)

– Negotiation of the purchase agreement with the seller

– Financing, selection of banks and negotiation of term sheets and loan documentation

Asset management

– Management of rent rolls and tenants, re-letting, optimizing of rent for the landlord

– Management of capital expenditure and implementation of works to improve the quality of the asset

– Optimization of use of the asset and management of the administrative position of property, repositioning of the asset if required

– Appointment of property managers and other advisors on behalf of the landlord

Disposal of assets

– Preparation of the asset for the sale

– Preparation of the sale documentation and marketing documents

– Selection of brokers for the sale

– Selection of other advisors for the sale (lawyers, notaries, valuers, technical and environmental advisors etc)

– Analysis of the offers collected

– Negotiation of the sale with the selected buyer

– Assistance of the client until completion of the sale and collection of sales proceeds

Strategic fund management / Investment advisory

– Advising the client on best asset allocation depending on his needs and requirements, including sector / country / risk profile allocations

– Hold / sell analysis on an individual asset level

– Sales proceeds re-investment advice

– Advising the client on financing structure depending on his requirements 

– Advising the client on corporate, tax and legal structuring of deals

Risk management

– Analyzing investment risk on deals

– Analyzing risks on existing investments (liquidity, counterparty, market ect)

– Report on risk related matters to shareholder

– Report on risk related matters to regulator

Portfolio management

– Analysis of the performance of the portfolio, return analysis

– Modelling the assets in the portfolio

– Managing the relationship with the investors

– Monitoring of the assets in the portfolio

Capital raising

– Raising capital for given projects

– Raising capital for existing funds

– Prepare presentations for investors

– Participating in pitches in front of clients

– Leverage on network to identify sources of capital