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  • Thierry Bonneville
  • 20 February 2018

Bristlecone was appointed together with two other partners by a French family office to advise on the strategy for their real estate portfolio. The portfolio includes ca. 70 assets, primarily retail, located in the Greater Paris region and the South of France, for a total value of in excess of EUR100 million.

The assignment consisted in determining whether each asset should be held or sold based on a detailed review of each property together with its micro-environment (competition, type of lease, turnover, catchment area, location, size of the asset ect).

Alongside this analysis Bristlecone and its two partners were asked to make propositions as to how the sales proceeds could be re-invested in the market.

The partners also assisted the client with determining a portfolio strategy (including for instance sector, geography and risk profile targeted allocations, return expectations, LTV, appetite for distribution).

The Client is now considering appointing Bristlecone and its partners to assist with the execution and implementation of the strategy as defined above. This would in particular comprise managing the disposal of the assets targeted to be sold.

By Groupe Casino (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

We operate across all risk profiles and commercial sectors throughout Continental Europe and the UK to help institutional and other private or professional investors define and execute effective strategies for their single assets or portfolios.

Nous intervenons sur tous les profils de risque et tous les secteurs à travers l’Europe Continentale et le UK. Nous aidons nos clients privés et professionnels à définir et exécuter leurs stratégies immobilières pour leurs actifs ainsi que leurs portefeuilles.

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